Virtual: Danish Whisky is here! Stauning with Co-founder and CMO Alex Højrup Munch

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Join us live from Denmark as CMO and Co-Founder of Stauning Distillery, Alex Højrup Munch takes you through the award-winning Stauning range. 

What was started by nine friends (a doctor, a butcher, a teacher, a helicopter pilot and four engineers) in a remote village on the West Coast of Denmark, has now grown into one of the most interesting up-and-coming distilleries that we have ever seen. All beginning with from two small pot stills in an old butchery

Having next to nothing, the nine friends had to find their own ways to achieve their vision: A 100% Danish whisky, one which reflected the place and could stand up to the finest from around the world.

We had to make our whisky with what grew around us,” says Lasse, one of the founders. “The same applied to the engineering. We just used and adapted what was lying around, saw what we could replicate from a normal distillery, and then fine-tune”.  And so they did. The barley, they got from a local farmer. Malting was done on the tiled floor of the butcher's cold room. In a nearby museum, they found the peat to dry and smoke the malted barley, and milling was done in an old meat mincer.

And then, they grew!

Now they could use the same equipment as every other distillery, but they didn’t. What started as a necessity in the abattoir had now formed into a philosophy, and in 2018, Stauning opened the doors to a new and modern, purpose-built distillery. Even though capacity now has risen ten-fold, it's still a small distillery. Inside, the Stauningers are still making whisky their own way with small pot stills, open floor malting and direct fire heating.

Join us as we give you the heads-up on a very exciting distillery that has reached international acclaim, but is yet to really reach the shores of Australia.

Fun fact: Stauning was named Brand Innovator of the Year in the Icons Of Whisky 2021 awards. 

What's included in the pack?

1x tasting mat, to keep track of your drams!

  • 15ml x Stauning Kaos - 46%
  • 15ml x Stauning El Classico Research Series - 58.5%
  • 15ml x Stauning Rye - 58.5%
  • 15ml x Stauning Smoke - 46%
  • 15ml x Stauning Peat - 46%

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8:30 - 9:00pm Community catch-up, and questions

About your presenter:

Alex Munch (CMO and cofounder)

Alex Munch is cofounder and one of the four engineers in the group of nine friends. His daily function at the distillery is Sales/Marketing Director and product development. A big part of the role is strategy. Stauning Whisky have quickly become a big company and continue to grow. Before COVID-19, Alex traveled the world selling and branding Stauning Whisky. Now, it's happening virtually!


  • Express Post of Stauning tasting packs is included in the ticket price

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